A bright new start-up

from the deep dark North

Afterlife Entertainment is an indie start-up company founded in 2013.
We operate from the cold and dark wilderness of Kajaani, Finland.

Thus far we've released a mobile game called MoneyFlow Challenge.
MoneyFlow Challenge is the first educational game in Finland, aimed for the students in upper secondary schools.

Our newest game Nanotris is available in Steam.

Our mission is to create compelling and engaging storytelling experiences through games.

MoneyFlow Challenge is an educational game aimed for youth between the ages of 15 to 20. MoneyFlow Challenge offers a whole new and exciting way to learn through trial and exploration, all the while learning to manage one's personal finances.

Playing through the 5 levels of the game teach you everything you need to know about balancing between your income and expenses, saving money, using loans as leverage, investing in funds and real estate, and most importantly upholding your quality of life and achieving financial self-suffiency.

Money Flow Challenge was made in co-operation with RealMatch Invest Oy and Finnish National Board of Education.